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Our Non-MLS Agent Program is designed just for YOU !

Real - Estate - Agent - Program

It really could not be simpler!

Hosting your license with us is completely free of charge, your only obligation is to keep your Real Estate license in an "Active" state by completing your State CE requirements and paying the small registration fee to DBPR once, every two years. This is required so that we can legally pay your commission on any real estate transaction you send to us.

There are many online CE courses available that you can easily complete over a weekend, the costs are very small and are only required once every two years to stay Active.


You will no longer have to pay the substantial MLS fees every year, and by transferring from your current brokers you will not be responsible for desk time, nor will there be any monthly or annual fees applied.

You will receive 90% of the referral commission directly at closing, you may choose to attend the closing and take away a check or have it sent to you by the closing/title company.


This program is really yours to structure as you prefer. You can either simply send us your contacts as you meet them and receive the income without any additional effort, or you can become more active and promote yourself in which case, we are here to advise and assist.


We only recruit agents who are licensed in Florida at this time however, we are considering other states for future development. If you are not licensed in Florida and would like to be notified when we can work with you please send us an email. 

Steps to earn commission...

If you have any questions, send us an email and our Broker will call you to discuss...

  • Sign on with us to host your license 

  • Send us any existing referrals 

  • Send referrals when you meet potential customers

  • Buy or sell your own home

  • Get customers pre-approved with In-house Mortgage Broker 

  • Follow our advice if you want to increase production

  • Your 90% Commission is paid directly to you at closing

  • You do not need to be an MLS member so no annual Fees

  • Speak directly with our Broker 

Ready to sign on?

Click the button below...

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