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Are We a Good Fit for YOU? YOU BET!

The Good Fit Test

The majority of Agents become disillusioned with Real Estate for a host of reasons, whether they have been in the business for years and simply want to retire, or they may have given it their best efforts, and feel it's a losing battle.

The 80/20 rule is a real thing because established agents have the benefit of revolving sales. For example, the buyer you sold to 5 to 7 years ago is now ready to move on, and they will contact you (providing you kept in touch), then you have the opportunity to list their home and buy their next one - double wammy!

As a new agent, and if you don't have the funds to survive as you are trying to learn, and build your business, you will most likely join the ranks of the 80% of agents that don't succeed.


Most agents in this situation look at going back to their previous employment, allowing their licenses to expire. They walk away from the endless fees and obligations of their broker and MLS, losing their hard-earned license and all the effort expended to date. 

NOW there is a real alternative that allows you to retire, or change professions without losing your license and continue earning 90% of your commission without any effort on your part.


You can sell or buy your own home and simply refer potential customers to us, we will take care of them and you are paid at closing. You can refer potential customers looking to buy or sell Residential or Commercial Real Estate, or Businesses anywhere in the US and virtually anywhere in the world.

Do you tick any of these boxes?

  • I don't close enough business to earn a living after fees & costs

  • I mainly work as a ________________ and Realty is a sideline right now

  • I can't keep paying my MLS and my Broker Fees

  • I don't want to lose my hard-earned license

  • I only got licensed to sell my own home(s)

  • I am tired of showing homes and driving buyers around

  • I want to keep my license and earn money without working at it 

Simple sign-on takes just a couple of minutes

Click the link below, enter your information and that's it! We will host your license under our Non-MLS brokerage.

You will pay NOTHING to sign up and NOTHING monthly or yearly. Refer you contacts to us and we do the rest. Get 90% of your commission at closing - could not be simpler!   


After you sign on with Prime Properties we will send you a link to a simple Referral form. Just enter the minimum information required and we will take it from there unless you especially want to stay involved in the transaction. You can select your own cooperating broker, or leave it to us and we will allocate it to a highly experienced local agent. 


After receiving your referral, we contact the customer directly and work with them to clarify their requirements, we then match them with the best and most qualified agent to work with. All ongoing correspondence will be copied to you and you may even attend the closing if you and the customer so wish. This is a good way of keeping in contact with your customer for future business and to acquire future referrals. 

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