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About Prime Property Brokers

Why choose Us

We are a highly experienced Non-MLS Brokerage concentrating entirely on supporting Licensed Real Estate Agents who have elected to leave, or not join an MLS board and wish to keep their licenses Active, and continue to earn income with little or no involvement in the transaction.  

Our process

The process could not be simpler! After moving their license to Prime Properties, agents are free to refer potential customers using a simple online form. Once sent, we will take it from there and ensure the lead is contacted by us, verified, and allocated to the most experienced and appropriate broker who will follow up and complete the sale.

Our obligation

We have heard some horror stories of Brokers delaying payment to agents and deducting unexpected fees and charges, we decided to keep it really simple. You receive 90% of the referral commission at closing. There are NO recurring, or joining fees at all. We will help you to earn a good income with as much or as little effort as you choose.   

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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