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80% of Real Estate is sold by 20% of Agents !

It's TRUE! If you are one of the 80% then read on ....

You worked damn hard to get your Real Estate license, and by now you are ready to retire or just give up - DONT!

With Prime Properties, you can keep your Florida Real Estate license Active, hang it with us as your broker, and pay NOTHING. There are no catches here - NO Annual Fees - NO Joining Fees - Nothing!

When you come across a potential Real Estate opportunity (Worldwide), whether Residential, Commercial or the Sale of a Business, you simply refer it to us and we take it from there. You keep 90% of the referral commission and get paid directly at closing.

Are we a Good Fit for You?

If your situation matches any of the following, then the answer is YES! 

  • I close less than 5 transactions each year

  • I am hoping to retire soon but need the income

  • I have other work and real estate is secondary

  • I can't keep paying my MLS & Broker but don't want to lose my license

  • I only got licensed to sell my own home(s)

  • I don't want to show homes or drive buyers around anymore

  • Get Paid directly at closing

  • Keep 90% of Referral commission

  • No Desk Time

  • No Annual MLS Fees

  • No Monthly or Annual Broker Fees 

  • No Investment of Time or Money

  • Keep your license Active with DBPR

  • Refer Real Estate prospects Worldwide

  • List own home for 0.5% of closing price

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